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Ferries to China

Where can I get the Ferry to China?

With Direct Ferries, you are now able to take a multitude of ferries to and from China, from many different places in Asia. You could take the quick and regular route from Macau, or the daily ferry that runs from Hong Kong, the four different ferries that are available from South Korea, or indeed even get a ferry from Japan to China.

All these ferries go to different ferry terminals within China, such as the Shenzhen terminal, the Lianyungang terminal, or even the Shanghai terminal.

What times are the Ferries to China?

Due to the varying ferries that are available, there are many different times that ferries run to China, as well as sailing duration. The ferry from Hong Kong runs 5 times daily, and the ferry from Macau runs up to 126 ferries a week on 3 different routes. The ferries from South Korea run 9 times a week on 4 different routes from different ports, and the Japan ferry runs once a week.

To find out more about specific sailing times, please use our fare finder tool to discover the best prices and routes for you.

How long does the Ferry to China take?

Again, the variety of ferries means that there is no specific sail time – generally, the ferries from Macau takes about an hour, and the Hong Kong ferry usually only takes an hour and a half. However, the less frequent ferries take much longer, with the ferries from South Korea taking anywhere between 17 hours to 26 hours, depending on the route, with the ferry from Japan taking up to 45 hours in sailing time.

Because of this, it is highly recommended that you check and plan before you travel, so that you are not caught unaware by long sailing times, and limited ferry options, especially as times and durations can vary due to weather and times of year.

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