FRS provides fast ferry services in the Strait of Gibraltar and Alboran Sea, between southern Spain and Morocco, with their fleet of high speed ships.

Since the dawn of the millennium, FRS has been operating year round, fast ferry sailings between Tarifa and Tangier, the shortest connection between the two continents at just 35 minutes, as well as offering ferries to Tangier from Algeciras and Gibraltar.

With a fleet of modern, high-speed ferries ranging from smaller water taxis to vast catamarans, FRS has become the market leader for passenger and car crossings to and from Tangier, carrying more than 1.5 million passengers annually between Spain and Morocco. FRS has also been focussing heavily on internationalisation, growing itself from a regional operator to a worldwide business with offices in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

FRS’ ships include fast crafts named Tarija Jet; a large catamaran holding 777 passengers, Ceuta Jet and Algeciras Jet; slightly smaller mono-hulls, and 3 larger ferries which are used for longer journeys with a higher capacity for vehicles.

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FRS Customer Reviews

  • "All good appart from one thing"

    The General facilities, quality of catering, ship cleanliness, staff competence and ship punctuality were fine for a journey taking all of one hour. However there was a young man wearing an FRS jacket at the Morrocon side that came across to carry our bags and put them on a trolley and ushered us in to a lift before requesting a tip. However we had not asked him to carry our bags, nor put them on a trolley, nor usher us in to a lift, so he was asking for a tip for a service we did not want, and he should have first asked us if we required our bags carrying, instead of just grabbing them. We were met with the exact same helper upon return to the port for the return journey, and he came running to the car as we pulled in to the car park and began ushering us to the front door of the port entrance before we could even get our luggage out of the boot, and then requested a tip. Upon giving him his "tip" we had to walk back to the car to get our luggage, and then upon walking back to the spot he had previously ushered us, we found out it was the wrong place, so had to walk back over the car park to the FRS office at the otherside of the car park for our tickets. I suspect that this was just a begger that does not even work for FRS and has just been clever enough to obtain an FRS jacket that pretends to work for FRS.

    'Steven' travelled with FRS

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  • "Tarifa to Tangier Ferry"

    Everything went well and it was a very enjoyable ferry crossing, with fabulous views. As a foot passenger, compared to other ferries, I thought it was expensive.

    'Mark' travelled with FRS

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  • "Europe to Africa"

    I hadn't expected such a 'full size' ship for some reason but there you go, just like a Channel ferry, except better wine! We enjoyed the one hour crossings immensely and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service. Be warned about the need to go through passport control on the outbound trip.

    'Lee' travelled with FRS

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  • "Clean, quick and nice boat"

    The terminus at Tanger Ville was very clean and there was a lovely restaurant facility. Security and boarding was easy. The boat was modern and clean and the journey smooth.

    'Alison' travelled with FRS

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