Greenlines DP

Based out of Ho Chi Minh City, Greenlines DP is a high speed ferry operator that offers some of the quickest ferry routes in Ho Chi Minh City, having recently upgraded their fleet of ships and added new ferry routes.

What ferry services do Greenlines DP offer?

Greenlines DP currently offer a range of ferry services out of both the main centre of Ho Chi Minh City, as well as the suburban coastline of Ho Chi Minh City. There are a range of ferry services on offer here, providing some of the fastest ferry travel out of Ho Chi Minh City available, and you can get ferries to Vung Tau, as well as to Can Gia. For more information about the routes available, please visit the specific route pages.

What ships do Greenlines DP have?

There are a variety of ferries that are used by Greenlines DP, such as their incredibly high speed catamarans, with their newest ones only having joined their fleet last year. They also have the much larger vessels, that can carry many more passengers, as well as their much smaller foot ferries, which have a smaller capacity, but are still just as fast as the rest of their fleet. For more information about the ships that Greenlines DP operate, please visit the specific ship pages.

How much do Greenlines DP ferry tickets cost?

Due to differing routes, as well as seasonal changes to ticket prices, there is no specific price for the ferries – we recommend using our helpful fare finder tool to find the best routes and prices for you.

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