Inter Shipping

Inter Shipping is a relatively young Moroccan ferry company, having been established in 2012, operating crossings in the Strait of Gibraltar, connecting southern Spain with Morocco in North Africa.

Providing an inter-continental service, the routes from Algeciras and Tarifa to Tangier Med and Tangier only take an hour, with multiple crossings on offer every day. Subsequently, travelling with Inter Shipping represents a favourable way of hopping between the two nations, given the frequency of sailings and reliability of their modern fleet, with one vessel built as recently as 2011, Nova Star.

Inter Shipping’s ferries are able to make the crossings in such time thanks to their high speeds, with Maria Dolores, Detroit Jet and Amman reaching thirty five knots. Nova Star, the youngest ship, cruises at just twenty knots, but carries the most passengers, with a capacity of one thousand two hundred and twelve, and has room for four hundred and fifty vehicles. As the largest and most frequently used ferry, Nova Star boasts two restaurants, duty-free shops, a casino, spa and one hundred and sixty three cabins.

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Inter Shipping Customer Reviews

  • "Good trip"

    Punctual on the outward journey, 45-minute delay on the return trip. Everything else was fine!

    'Eduard' travelled with Inter Shipping

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  • "Fast Ferry"

    Ferry itself was good, fast and efficient. All aircraft style seats and on some seats (only a few) there are power points for whatever. There are a number of coffee bars on the boat, one nearest us seemed unstaffed until if you knew the staff sat on the floor behind the ice cream fridge you could call them!!! We went during Ramadan and this caused some headaches with the timetables, normally ferries every 2 hours. We were told both 13:00 & 14:00 for the time of departure, it was actually 12:00 and the 14:00 boat was cancelled. This took 5 different conversations with staff in different places, the 13:00/14:00 conflict was on differently printed literature given to us 30mins apart and the actual time of 12:00 (and 14:00 cancellation) only after a long conversation in the InterShipping office in Tanger Ville when I went to ask specifically "Tomorrow give me the times of the boats actually leaving" The boats always leave what we see as late (15-20mins) but arrive on time as it only takes 45mins. If you park in the Tarifa car park at the terminal immediately in front of the terminal, it says 17€ per day but this can be discounted if you keep the ticket and when you come back from Tanger get it franked at a machine on the wall as you first come into the terminal off the boat. Again no word of this on any literature or from the staff. Small notice on the wall by the machine (RHS) as you enter building, we got 5€ a day off!

    'Nic' travelled with Inter Shipping

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    Was a great trip everything went smoothly and we had a great time. This is in part was due to Inter Shipping.

    'Anonymous' travelled with Inter Shipping

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  • "All worked well"

    We were quite happy with our experience. it was a little fiddly to change our vouchers for tickets at Tarifa but we got good help from one of the employees (though he did ask for a tip). We were there early and they let us take an earlier ferry which was good.

    'Robert' travelled with Inter Shipping

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