Stromstad to Sandefjord Ferry

The Stromstad Sandefjord ferry route connects Sweden with Norway and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Fjord Line service runs up to 14 times per week with a sailing duration of around 2 hours 30 minutes while the Color Line service runs up to 4 times per day with a duration from 2 hr 30 min.

So that’s a combined 42 sailings on offer per week on the Stromstad Sandefjord route between Sweden and Norway. Compare now and get the best fare at the time that you want to travel.

Stromstad - Sandefjord Ferry Operators

  • Fjord Line
    • 14 Sailings Weekly 2 hr 30 min
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  • Color Line
    • 4 Sailings Daily 2 hr 30 min
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Stromstad Sandefjord Average Prices

Prices shown represent the average one way price paid by our customers. The most common booking on the Stromstad Sandefjord route is a car and 2 passengers.

Stromstad Sandefjord Ferry reviews

  • "midday trip fro Stromstad to Sandefjord"

    I took Fjord lines for a 12;00 trip from Stromstad to meet my daughter in the Sandefjord Torp airport. I've reserved a ticket by internet, but since I am a foreigner, a writer from Lithuania staying in the AIR centre in Stromstad, I did not know the direct page of the Fjord lines, so I paid extra money - it is always worthy to find a direct page of the company. Another trouble (or rather worry) before departure was that you don\t know the customs of the company. F.e. they write that you have to be at the door 1 h before the departure, but in fact *for a |foot passenger|, without a vehicle). it is enough if you come 22 minutes before, and confirm reservation at the little tiny desk with a little tiny woman :) operating tickets. Then you can go to the gates which are in 20 steps from the desk, and they close 15 min. before the departure. So I used my spare time to visit the rackor shops at the yard besides the ferry port, and found good rack, or vezhiai, as we call them in Lithuania. Crevettes, which Swedish unresponsively call racker are not so interesting. 12:00 ferry was half empty, except several emigre, that looked a little tired and exhausted, and went to rest on the sofas, but then it filled wth the drivers and other public (aunts, grannies, boys and girls, pets, wets, cats and mats) from the cars down there on the 1 and 2 decks. Fjord lines ferry is smaller than Color lines, so it is more casey, you can walk it ut and investigate in several minutes. On the front there is a good bar (which opens 30 min. after departure though, and more practical asians are eating their self made lunches to your disappointment already), So they have a good bar, were I took one store (big) Carlsberg, and rejected a shot for only 11 krona (don\t remember, NOK or SEK, they are more or less the same, this friendship of two nations is astounding) sat comfortably, swinging a little though, and listened to the star of this trip, indian from Arisona, who sang in a very good voice Beatles old hits, including When I am 64, and other songs, and told everybody he loves them (us) because you (we) are life, and he loves life. And, according to this guy, we (we) also love life, therefore we love him. That was logic and brighter my (ours) trip. A trip that lasted for 2 and a half hours, which is not so quick comparing with a plane who carried my daughter form Vilnius at the same time for the same 2 and a half hours, only the distance was 1000 km, not 100, as here. Ferry is very interesting place, which you can study all your life. On this trip two brave sailors were painting the benches with beautiful orange color. I spotted even a tiny submarine, and reckon I would be the first to use it in case of a shipwreck. Also sitting on the deck, under the sun and strong wind, reading the book about 30-ties in Paris, which I have to translate, and smoking smoking was a good interpolation. Hmmm. what more? I ate one polso, or polto, that means a self made hot dog with a given sausage. Mustard is around the corner, as well as ketchup. Next time I\ll tell more... Crew was very crews and looked good in their uniforms. Toilets are great, swedish style. There are NO customs or document checks on arrival, despite what is declared by megaphone. At least for the foot passengers. Bad thing was that I counted the distance from ferry to train station wrongly and wa late for the only train to Torp airport, which passes Sandefjors once an hour. The taxi with an aristocratic taxis was at my hand, and in 10 minutes we were in a airport, though I paid him 23 euros instead of 3 for the train, which is a terrible sum for a Lithuanian (Our trip to Vilnisu airport costs 5 euro) But these were my problems, and I am very happy with Fjordlines, and recommend them to everyone, especially for the two-legged travellers. My only tragicomedy is that I am still not sure after a week in Norway and Sweden, have I seen the Fjord, or not. .. A Troll, or not? What

    'Thomas Ship' travelled Stromstad Sandefjord with Fjord Line

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  • "A wonderful experience"

    We have used many different ferry routes to get to Norway but this was our first on this route. The port, Stromstad, is scenic with lots of islands and one sees the ferry approaching between these islands. Once on board the ferry was lovely and clean and had a nice area in the stern where one could sit outside and enjoy the sun but were protected by glass so the view could be enjoyed, had a cold drink as the weather was warm. We then went into the shop which was like a department store selling just about everything at prices lower than in Norway, the meat was really good value. There was no passport check in Sweden but there was in Norway and customs check there too but as we were in a UK car we were not searched. The entrance into Sandefjord was also pretty so many photos taken. This is certainly a trip I will repeat

    'John' travelled Stromstad Sandefjord with Fjord Line

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  • "Crossing"

    Great way to quickly and cheaply cross the Oslofjord.

    'Anonymous' travelled Stromstad Sandefjord with Fjord Line

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  • "Trip to Stavanger"

    Everything was great

    'Ulf' travelled Stromstad Sandefjord with Fjord Line

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Stromstad Guide

The city of Stromstad is located in the Stromstad Municipality, Vastra Gotaland in Sweden. The city has a small population of around 6,500 but due to historical reasons it is still classed as a city. Located by the mouth of the River Stromsan, the city can trace its origins back to the 1500's where timber was being transported along the river to be sold to waiting ships. Over time, the city became an important centre of shipping and then in the second half of the 18th century the city really prospered during the great herring fishing era. At the same time the foundations were laid for what was later to become the main symbol of Stromstad; the spa resort Stromstad.

The oldest part of the city is Bukten where terraced houses can be found offering great views of the harbour and of the boats. These houses were constructed at the end of the 18th century and during the whole of the 19th century. Stromstad's only remaining cobbled street is also in Bukten and according to local legend, the women who lived in the houses along the street carried all the stones there themselves.

From the city's port, ferry's can be taken to Sandefjord with a crossing time of around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Sandefjord Guide

The Norwegian town and port of Sandefjord is a modern town that has an interesting history and is home to a number of cultural events. The town is around 120 km to the south of Oslo and is popular with tourists. It has a good selection of restaurants and cafes and according to some guides, the town is home to possibly the best gourmet restaurant in Norway, which is located in a modern building near the harbour. Also located at the harbour is the fishmonger which is well known for the excellent quality of its fish and other delicacies. Sandefjord also has a charming city centre which consists of a mixture of old and modern buildings and a wide range of shops.

One of the most important finds from the Viking age was found at the grave site of Gokstadhaugen in Sandefjord. The Gokstad ship can now be seen in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo and is a popular visitor attraction.

Ferry services from the city's port depart to Stromstad and to other destinations along the Norwegian coast.