Venice to Porec Ferry

The Venice Porec ferry route connects Italy with Croatia and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Venezia Lines service runs up to 8 times per week with a sailing duration of around 2 hours 45 minutes while the Atlas Kompas service runs up to 6 times per week with a duration from 3 hr 30 min.

So that’s a combined 14 sailings on offer per week on the Venice Porec route between Italy and Croatia. Compare now and get the best fare at the time that you want to travel.

Venice - Porec Ferry Operators

  • Venezia Lines
    • 8 Sailings Weekly 2 hr 45 min
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  • Atlas Kompas
    • 6 Sailings Weekly 3 hr 30 min
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Venice Porec Average Prices

Prices shown represent the average one way price paid by our customers on this route. Prices shown are per person.

Venice Porec Ferry reviews

  • "very good"

    check-in procedures are somewhat "mediterranean" (i.e. a little chaotic) but the staff communicate well and get the job done. the actual ferry crossing was absolutely professional and enjoyable.

    'Anonymous' travelled Venice Porec with Atlas Kompas

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  • "First visit to Croatia from Venice"

    We found the ferry terminal in Venice easy enough although nobody there had any idea if it was the right place. Atlas staff did not arrive until one hour before and no other staff knew of the ferry. Easy to reach by water bus. Boarding and unloading fast and easy. Spacious indoor decks with plenty of seating. It is a pity windows are not cleaned regularly for viewing but it is probably a waste of time with sea spray. Limited space on top deck for open air viewing of departure from Venice. Arrival at Porec on time and easy access to town from the jetty which is in the small town. There are bars and refreshments on board.

    'Alan' travelled Venice Porec with Atlas Kompas

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  • "First class bit of a let down"

    We paid extra for first class and although the lounge was very nice and comfortable the rest was totally unorganised. They gave us a menu to order food and drinks from however when we asked for peroni - didn't have it, a Bellini- didn't have it, a glass of wine - didn't have, bacardi and coke - it didn't have so we gave up in the end and just had a coke! They made a big thing of letting us off the boat before the other passengers and telling us our luggage would be on the dock waiting for us however when we got off the boat it was not so we had to wait until all the other passengers were off before they could find our luggage by which time there was a huge line for passport control. Basically totally unorganised from start to finish not impressed.

    'Andrew' travelled Venice Porec with Venezia Lines

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  • "Journey Venice Parenzo"

    Positive opinion on everything but when we arrived in Parenzo was raining and the staff throv away all the luggages like they were rabbish.

    'Fernando' travelled Venice Porec with Venezia Lines

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Venice Guide

The city of Venice is located in the north east of Italy and lies on a group of 118 islands that are separated by canals and linked by a series of bridges. The city is situated in the marshy Venetian Lagoon which stretches along the shoreline, between the mouths of the Po and Piave rivers and derives its name from the ancient Veneti people who lived in the area around the 10th century BC. The city, perhaps one of the most famous in the world, is renowned for its beautiful architecture, its views and for its works of art. The city and lagoon have, unsurprisingly, been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Venezia Ferry Terminal, Passeggeri, connects Venice to the mainland at the exit of the famous bridge, Ponte della Liberta. The new Venice Marittima Ferry Port Terminal provides a wide array of facilities including check-in desks, restaurants, shops, and many more services. The Terminal S Marta can be found in one of the port's oldest buildings and offers modern amenities including cafés, shops and other public facilities. The I S Basiliocan Terminal is where ferries from Croatian and northern Adriatic destinations arrive. Destinations available from the port include Mali Losinj, Pula, Porec, Rovinj, Igoumenitsa, Patras, Piran and Umag.

Porec Guide

Porec is a Croatian town and the most popular holiday resort in Istria and is frequently voted the top resort in Croatia by the Croatian National Tourist Office. The principal tourist areas in the town are the two bays that lie to the south of the town. They are named Zelena Laguna (Green Lagoon) and Plava Laguna (Blue Lagoon) and are almost like small towns in their own right with their own hotels, camping facilities, a marina and shopping and entertainment areas. There are a number of sights of historical interest to be found in Porec's Old Town which include the 6th century Euphrasian Basilica which is beautifully preserved and is well known for its gold mosaics. The Basilica, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, is in fact a collection of buildings that includes a baptistery and the Bishop's Palace.

Ferry services from the town's port depart to Venice in Italy.